Labor Day Launch/TdD Maine!

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May 10, 2011
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Attention all you northeasterners!!! The Labor Day Launch in Cherryfield is coming up this weekend! TdD Maine will take place, and rumor has it there will be at least one M motor flying as well! Email Rich Willey (hes a TRF member, but he has only posted 5 times, and I dont think he comes on here very often...) if you are coming. His email is on the club website. Just google Pinetree Rocketry, and itll pop right up.

I know this should proabably go in the Events forum, but I wanted all the northeasterners to see it as soon as possible... After this weekend, feel free to move it, but I would like to ask you to leave it here at least untill people see it... Thanks. :)

(oh, and Rich can give you directions to the field if you need them.)
yep. the EX launch was cancelled cause the blueberry harvest was late. :(