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Jul 2, 2003
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Hi all
well its time to take it to the next level, 3 that is. i am looking at a kit from smokin rockets called the mega-nuk. wondering if anyone out there has built this rocket for there L3, because i am looking for some feed back about this rocket, example does it come with a avionics bay, does it come with the couplers, where is the av bay located...... just the little things that i could not find on there site
kevin w
tra #9080:cool: :cool:
I believe Bill Rossi (Smokin' Rokets) posts on this forum so he might chime in. Otherwise, I have seen a Mega Nuke and it is a very nice kit. It comes pretty bare, no seperate electronics bay, parachute(s) or motor retention. It is, I believe, 2 48" 7.5" dia. tubes and a coupler. The coupler is the obvious place for your electronics. SR has their own electronics bay available or you could design your own. Price wise he is very fair, and his fins and nosecones are excellent.

Despite this being a kit, you will be required to put in a good bit of fabricating (electronic bay, recovery system ect.). This should be expected of a L3 project as you should have the ability to fill in the blanks, so to speak, at this level.

I have not visited his site in a while but I remember that they were not producing kits for a period. This may have changed. If this is so, consider a scratch build version as it is a great looking rocket in all it's versions (Loc and SR).

Good Luck,

Todd Knight TRA L3
Bill's kits are great quality. The body tubes are PML pre-glassed phenolic tubes, the fin great quality ply, and high quality fiberglass nosecones. You can either build your own bay completely from scratch or go with Smokin' Rockets Altitube setup. If you plan on having a couple of rockets that share the electronics the altitube is the way to go. I have a Smokin' Rockets Mission Impossible and a Loc Bruiser EXP both setup that way, and my L3 SR full scale AMRAAM will also use the same setup.
I have the Mission Impossible (well Kinda) it is a great design.

I have seen the Nuke fly a couple times and at least 2 members here have flown them for their L3s (Joel R, and Evil Prince)
Our very own TRF Admin, Phil Gerringer, certified L3 with a Smokin' Rockets Mega Nuke. He's the guy you should be askin'. Send him a PM if you're really curious and tell him to get his lazy butt in gear and update this post. ;)
Guys,thanks for the feed back, i have been doing a little research and i have come to the conclusion that i am going to scratch build the whole thing from the fins to the nosecone. it has nothing to do with cost, i think it will feel pretty cool certifying with a rocket that you built..........well time to make a list and start collecting my pieces
kevin w
tra# 9080
The Mega Nuke is a very straight forward design, I found it was a snap to assemble ( Just need to design your avionics bay and retention ) really not a whole lot to say just take your time building ( Dont over build ) It DOESN'T come pre-glassed unless you specify that thats the way you want it. I wrapped mine with 1 ewrap of 6oz S glass ( Add a 3" wide band of Kevlar to the top of both sections of bodytube first then glass over them to prevent zippers.

Here is my construction page


Mine weighs 30 lbs dry so it really screams