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veryyy nice man. That webpage is really nice as well as the rocket.

Those fillets are pretty nice for an insid fillet.....thats what mine look like on the outside ;):p :D
Thanks Ryan, the web's been a work in progress sometimes I think I'll never get it the way I want it. For now its kind of on the back burner again while working on getting the Amraam done.

Great choice man!!! Probably one of the best rockets of choice you could get for L3...do I sound biased??? ;)

Really, it should be very cool...SMok'in uses PML? parts I think and he has good quality kits. You should be happy man. Now, if you need some scale info to dress it up, I can help there. I think Tango Papa still has my files on hand, so he can print up a set of decals for you if you want. You need some scale info, I have it on my site.

Keep us up to date man and pics...lots of em!


No, you don't sound biased at all. :)
Bill has great kits, all his parts are the greatest quality. I know from personal experiance that the PML pre-glassed tubes are virtually indestructable. Last season I did a nice core sample with my PML Eclipse which I had special ordered with the preglassed airframe. Dug a nice 7-8 inch core, no damage to the airframe. You can see it "real-time"
scroll down to the bottom of the page, the onboard video captured the infamous moment.
Bill supplied a set up decals for it, made me promise to paint it :kill:
So I'm gonna have to do something I rarely do, and actually paint and finish it.
Ooooh, nice! I can't wait to see that fly. LDRS right? I'll check out that video too. Hope to see you at the upcoming CTRA launch. :)
Thanks Luke,

Sadly tomorrows Hurley launch had to be cancelled due to poor field conditions, but on the bright side that gives me the day to work on the Amraam. We have lots of launches scheduled for this season, I'll be at most of them :)
Yeah I saw that. :( Although, like you said, it's just more time to build rockets. :D

I had a chance to look at your Amraam site, all I can say is wow. Decals that detailed I have never seen before. What an elaborate avionics bay you built for the dual deploy. Fascinating!

I'm keeping mine simple. I've had good luck using the alti-tubes in the Mission Impossible and my modified Bruiser-EXP, so I'm using the same setup in the Amraam. But I will have to do the wiring neater on this job :D
The Bruiser was an electricians nightmare the way I ran the wiring, but part of that was due to the extra wiring running around for the airstarts and gps-flight system. This time I'm sticking with the K.I.S.S system.
looks good, that thing is going to be solid.

I need to look into the US expanding foam it looks like real nice stuff
US Composites has it in 2,4,8 and 16 pound per square foot densities. I use mostly the 4 pound, with occasional use of the 8 pound in high stress areas. Even the 4 pound stuff is more rigid than the small bottles I used to buy before. Also much cheaper in the long run. $45 for 2 gallons (1 each resin and hardner)