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Originally posted by bobrogg
The 10-dB antenna on the ground station will not give you the range you’re looking for. I would suggest getting a 15db receiver antenna like the one from booster vision to help with video reception.

Perfect, I'll give it a try. I'm aware of VERY-HIGH-GAIN antennas that are VERY-DIRECTIONAL as well: do you have any xperience with them? And what about TX power: what have you been using?

Thanx a lot,
I'm using booster vissions high powered TX with the 8db flat RX antenna- I'm going to switch to the 15db antenna soon to help with loss of signal passed 5000 meters. The bad news is my rocket suffered from airframe failure seconds after its first launch and now I must rebuild. Hopefully the parts will be here this week so I can start again.
This is thr rocsim for my rocket. My I ask what you are using for video recording? I'm trying to find something small and light weight for the launch site.
Originally posted by bobrogg
May I ask what you are using for video recording?

Sure !!! I've been using the ARCHOS AV340 w/ DVR 100:


I know it's pricey but it is a GREAT tool; simply plug the RX output into the DVR (that comes with the AV340) and start recording... it automatically process the footage to .avi format while you see it in real-time on the LCD.