L2 at Mini Midwest Power!!

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Jun 22, 2019
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I (finally) got my L2 yesterday at Mini Midwest Power!! I went through Tripoli but I'm a member of NAR as well. The Tripoli written test was actually kind of fun tot take. I felt it was a very appropriate set of questions. I didn't have any of the hybrid rocketry questions. I did miss one on the safety code :(

I flew the LOC 3.1" Sandhawk on an AT J270 DMS. I really liked using the DMS for a certification flight - all I had do do was drill the delay and add the BP charge (I used motor ejection). I usually fly with a Featherweight GPS tracker and this flight was no different, but more on that later. I also used a Jolly Logic Chute Release which I set to 700' which I felt was appropriate given the wind was a bit higher than I wanted so I set the chute to open a bit lower.

I did have two minor technical glitches which didn't interfere with the successful fight. First my Featheweight GPS tracker lost connection and didn't pick back up until 1,000' AGL. It did work all the way to landing though so I was able to find the rocket pretty easily. The second glitch was an oversight on my part - I failed to tether the JLCR so I lost it at 700' when it opened. I've never lost one before so I guess I can chalk that one up as a learning experience.

Here's the Featherweight GPS track; well what I have of it. I imported the output into Google Earth and noted the points of interest using my Surface Pen. Usually Featherweight gives high-resolution (10hz) data from the boost and unpowered coast phases which is pretty interesting but this time I just got the limited 1hz data set. (Later at home I tried to re-connect to the tracker but it appears to have died completely now.. so sad)


Here I'm posing with the finished rocket. I didn't get any photos on the launch pad though - I was probably too excited to get the rocket launched!!


All in all it was a magnificent experience. If the wind had been a bit lower recovery would have been much easier but I can't complain about a successful flight!
Congrats! Now say it with me, "38mm is as big as I will go." ;)
Sucks about the JLCR for sure. I often triple check the tether to make sure I don't lose mine, then I forget to turn it on.

*** Tongue firmly in cheek ***
So you had a piece of your rocket come down untethered, completely separate from the rocket, with no recovery device attached and failed to recover said piece; and still earned your L2!!??

That's a joke folks. No crucifixion necessary.
I can't recommend it enough. If you can possibly swing it, I would highly suggest checking out Midwest Power.
haha, I thought I would peek around in HPR I do MPR alot though I dont mess with HPR, I will in about 2 years :) but yeah. I think I will join a group but I contacted the leader a month ago and cant seem to get contacted back.
Congrats on the L2 :cool:.

Remember to hand a camera or phone to somebody else when you certify next (L3!). That removes one thing that you have to think about during the process and can result in some nice candid shots during prep as well. Don't forget to ask them to get one or more with you at the launch pad, and check that they have got the whole rocket in shot (I didn't :().

Onwards and upwards!