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Mar 18, 2009
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I know this has been posted many times, but my dad is looking into getting his L1, and I was wondering what kind of kits and engines you guys would reccomend. I was thiniking about the Thunderbolt 38 from Giant Leap Rocketry. I am not sure what kind of engine he should use. Should he use a SU engine or invest in reloadable hardware. If reloadable, then what kind (Pro38, Aerotech...). Any help would be appreciated.
Try a search in this forum with key words of certification rocket, or perhaps Aerotech and Pro38. There are some excellent discussions hashed out here!

Hope this helps :)
While the Thunderbolt 38 is a great kit, I wouldn't use it for a certification flight. Unless you have a very large field. That rocket flies pretty high on an H. Your better off with something simple like a PML Tethys or the equivalent. I built the tethys overnight. It's a very simple build. I flew it about 20-25 times before it ended up in a tree after a spectacular I300T flight:( (DPatell saw that one).

As far as motors go, I would go with reloadable. I've kinda been outa the loop for a while so i'm not sure what the laws are now. However, reloads are much easier to find than single use. You can't go wrong with a Tethys on a Pro38 H153. Or an I300T if you have the room:D