L1 Success!!!!!

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Martin Vrstal

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Aug 3, 2002
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Just like Gerbs...I too Certified L1 on Saturday at the monthly TQC launch. My wife, youngest daughter and I arrived shortly after noon, and set up our camp. I then tracked down Brad Wilson...some of you may remember him from the Rocket Challenge. I also paid a visit to Tim Lehr of Wildman Rocketry and purchased a Pro38 I-285. I put the motor together and trimmed the delay to 10 seconds, but after some discussion with Brad and Tim about the winds...pushing 20mph...I retrimmed it to 7 seconds.

Brad went over my papers and my rocket and we proceeded to the pad. I got the igniter in and all set just as it started to spit some rain. The count down started and at the end the I-285 came to life sending my Public Enemy 4" Bullpup to an estimated 2500', right into the sun, it was lost for a sec and then we could se it.....the chute was out this time. The rocket drifted a good 1/2 mile down the corn field.

The Pup was recovered and "NO" damage...I was a very happy camper. Brad inspected it and signed my paper work.

I also flew my Estes Maxi V-2 on a G-64-4. It was a very awesome flight. Absolutely no damage to the reinforced plastic fins...but it did receive a bad zipper on the BT. But it was a successful flight in my book.

I have some pisc of the Pup before and after the flight...but unfortunatly...my photo crew didn't take any of it in the air.
Congrats Martin!:D
did you see the 3 L3 attempts? one of them drifted a long ways from the site. I flew my V-2 on an E-9, at that time there was just a slight breeze, as the day went on the wind kept getting stronger.
Congrats on the L1...I really like the V2 also - great job all around!

Way to go Marty! Big congrats to ya! Nice pics, btw.
Great job Marty,

And really beatiful rockets! Wow!

A HUGE congrats on your cert man!!! It has been a long road for ya, but I am glad you did it!

Once again, well done bro!,

I know it's been a week since I got my L1 cert...but I just received this pic from my Uncle. It seems that my Aunt was the only one to get a shot of it in the air.
Glad you brought the thread back, somehow I missed it before.
So a belated congratulations.
Great looking rockets and flights.
Originally posted by missileman
Glad you brought the thread back, somehow I missed it before.
So a belated congratulations.
Great looking rockets and flights.

Agreed. Well done. It's a treat when you can watch your rockets fly and not have to worry about taking pictures. It's even better when someone you don't know sends you a picture of your rocket in flight. Glad to see someone captured it. Awesome work! Congrats!
I had no dought that you would get your L-1 With how nice it turned out. After fixing it. I knew it was just a matter of making it to a launch. And watching her fly. Way to go. Oh! buy the way. When you going to let her fly on a J-motor ?:kill:
Maybe sometime this year Mid. We'll have to see. (Inside tip...I've been having my daughter quiz me on L-2 questions).:D
Congrats Martin.

So what will L2 be? The same bird on a J330? Or something new?

I'm torn between my newly purchased PML Ebdeavor on a J330 or my half builr PML Sudden Rush on the same motor, except it has the CP3K as well.
Since I'm on the "Unemployed, Stay At Home Dad, Broke A$$ Budget" It will be the same rocket with a bigger motor.

My next rocket purchase will be one of Sandman's LJ2's...but that's after we get caught up on the bills here in Vrstalville.