L1/L2 Certs on 3/6/2004 and I'm getting the heebee jeebees

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Jan 9, 2004
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So, on Saturday I'm trying for my L1 and L2 certs in the same day. I've got the heebee jeebees bad. The whole family and even my future mother in law will be there. Talk about pressure. So far I have a checklist of 120 things to make sure I take with me in the car to the launch. Then my checklist for the launch is 50 items long. I'm still going to revise it also when I do a dry run of the checklist tomorrow and look for things I'm over looking. Also having fiance do a dry run to make sure I made it really clear what I'm doing. I have ground tested both the drogue and main chutes twice, but tomorrow am going to test them yet again just to be sure. I want this bird back! So I'm just sitting here a nervous wreck trying to dissapate some of the energy into typing this post :) Any tips of suggestions would be appreciated, especially ones on calming down and how to get rid of that feeling during the count down when it gets to zero and all the prep work flashes and your trying to remember if you did everything right and then you just can't breath and feel like your trapped in an avalanche (actually had that happen - another story though and a not fun one). AHHHHHHHHH!


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"The shifty eyes" :)
That sounds... extensive... what did I do for my L1?

1) tie parachute to shock cord
2) double-check recovery system quick-links
3) test separation block, sand or add tape as needed
4) adjust Pro38 delay grain
5) load Pro38 motor
6) ze thumbscrews! er, positive motor retainer
7) say hello to Mr. RSO
8) insert igniter when rocket is on pad
9) short prayer to whatever divinities might exist in this universe

From then on, it's up to the LCO and the wind, and for the next two minutes, the world outside the 1km bubble of airspace in which your rocket will fly ceases to exist. :D

Oh, as for how to calm down... have some tea. Go for a drive. Make a thermos of tea and go for a drive. Build a Mosquito. Watch some lame late night TV. Watch some lame, lame daytime TV. Play any videogame that doesn't involve explosions (Minesweeper is right out). Peruse JimZ's site and see what kits you could upscale for your Level 3. :)
I didn't know that in CAR you have to cert for H motors AND I motors. Wow, thats just more stress right there. And you have 4 levels. That's just more stress!
Originally posted by edwardw
Any tips of suggestions would be appreciated, especially ones on calming down and how to get rid of that feeling during the count down when it gets to zero and all the prep work flashes and your trying to remember if you did everything right

While I did not do my L1 and L2 flights the same day, I can see that this would be a stressfull day........ I would say, at first just focus on the L1...... Take your time and get a good flight ....... THEN start working on your L2 flight....... it sounds like you are thinking about both flights and getting yourself worked up too much....... Rockets are suppost to be lots of fun, not something that will give you ulcers (spelling?) Now, I think you will always be a little nervous right before you launch a new high powered rocket........ I was last month right before my first hybrid flight......

Will you be using electronics for both cert flights? or just for L2? or not at all?

Been there. I certified CAR L1 (320 Ns) and CAR L2 (640 Ns) in the same day. The L2 flight was a Hybrid which just made it that much better. But you DON'T want to hear about the first attempt...:kill:
Edward, best of luck to you and I am sure if you take your time, you will do fine! Prep the L1, do the flight...take a break to savor the moment and enjoy...I took about 1/2 hour break after my L2 before taking the written L2 test. then take your time again and prep the L2. You can do it. :)

Good luck,

My first suggestion is to go to bed at an earlier hour!!!lol Good luck. Making a checklist was a great idea. Follow it, and you should be fine!


P.S. Would it be bad to remind you that the 6th is a full moon?
I'm not sure how this might work for you since you're going for both L1 & L2 on the same day, but I'd already had 2 or 3 flights and all of them successful on several Gs with my PML Phobos that I used for my Level 1 before attempting certification. And now I've had a successful flight on my BSD Thor with a high thrust I motor to shake out any potential issues before I attempt my Level 2 here in just a couple of weeks.

Good luck :D

Details on the thor flight man...LOL mine's goin up next weekend.. on the 20th.. at least i hope so..

If the weather is good she'll go up...
I try not to think to much when i have a big launch, I know I know what to do so I just do and and tell myself everything will work fine. Dont keep thinking and checking and checking, you have already done that once and you will be fine, you are just going to get yourself more nervous