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Jan 9, 2004
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So today I got out of bed when my phone woke me up, rolled over and fell off the bed. Realized I needed to leave in 30 minutes to head out to the launch site. Gathered all my gear, loaded up the car and was off.

Was the second person at the launch site at 7:58 am -waiver opened at 8:00am. It was a perfectly calm day. More people arrrived and then all of the gear was set up. A little wind. The TRA prefect was not there yet so I could not launch but I did manage to fire off my Estes AGM-57X on a C6-5. My streamer broke but I took a 300 yard walk to get all the pieces back.

Just before my launch a guy sent up a rocket and an E9 and it drifted under canopy over the horizon. He walked for 2 hours and didn't find it :(

Then the wind decided to pick up. I had my bird all ready to go - followed the checklist and was fine - heebee jeeebees went away. The wind was probably 20 steady with gusts up to 40-50mph. No more rockets were launched. We all sat around and then a guy pulled out a kite and that was cool, but no rockets. There were two of us there for certs, and we will have to wait until April.

My question is "Now what do I do since I have a rocket ready to fly for a month?" I'm at a loss....

I feel your pain, bro!

Our prefecture has had exactly one launch this season, and I missed it because of work. That was back in November. Every subsequent launch has been scrubbed due to weather or field conditions.

In the meantime, I managed to fly on my own last weekend and crashed the bird meant for my L1 flight! At least I still have a LOC Stovi that will do, and a Mini BBX under construction. The way things are going it may actually be finished before we launch again.
Bummer. It's tough to get all worked up for a cert and have the launch scrubbed. In the mean time, just build something else ;)
Just start working on your L3 project... :D
If something comes up for the next few launches you may have it done in time to do all three on the same day (although i don't know if that’s *allowed* by the rules:kill: )
I think I would have to contact TAP members for my L3. :) Plus, those motors are a little pricey, especially when I'm getting married soon. I don't know if I will build something else, I guess maybe I can start on a rocket for my ex motors. Choices. Now I just can put the rocket in the corner and leave it :)
Major bummer........ Sorry to hear that....... You guys don't fly on both saturday and sunday?