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Reed Goodwin

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Jan 18, 2009
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So it's been a while since I let my NAR L1 lapse, and now I'm with TRA and am wanting to re-cert. I've looked on the TRA website but can't seem to find the cert forms that I need to fill out. Can anyone help me out? Am I blind?
Good question..I can't find anything on it either! Either contact TRA HQ directly or maybe go through the TAP List and contact one near you and see if they have the paperwork..I already had my L2 cert with NAR when I joined TRA...
When I was a TRA member, way back when, the form was included in the binder they sent to you, right after you joined.
Thanks guys! I just contacted the local Prefect, so hopefully he has the forms.
When I was a TRA member, way back when, the form was included in the binder they sent to you, right after you joined.

Absolutely correct! I just looked in my TRA membership binder, and it is the first thing you see..It is a 4 part form for L1-L3 certifications ...

Can't wait to get all mine signed :D


Are you sure about that Ben? :confused:

Now that you've got/getting your drivers license you have to be careful that the fumes don't get to you.

Just ask any BAR around here, the gasoline fumes and perfume tend to make you forget about rockets, at least for a while.
Well, today I successfully certed L1 for the second time in my life. I flew a PML X-calibur on a Loki H144. I had a Missileworks RRC2 classic in the payload section to read altitude (2622ft) and a Boostervision mini gearcam in a fairing on the outside of the rocket. I missed the launch photo (I love how fast the H144 is) but the video was clear all the way up. I'll post a link to the video once I put it online. Woohoo! TRA L1!
Congrats Reed.........AGAIN!!!!!lol

Let's see now.....2 level ones...does that make you a level 2?

No Jim,...I think you missed the 'special math' section in the certification paperwork..A level 1 the 2nd time around does NOT equal 2 but rather 1 1/2 due to the fact that the first level one loses 50% value if allowed to lapse and then a 2nd level one is acquired..But, this math does not carry over to the other higher certifications..Unless there is a polar shift and cows fly, then they will progressively add up as the certifications are achieved..:p :roll:

Seriously, congrats on the L1 Reed! Cool video too! :cool:
Thanks guys! I need to work on my trigger finger when taking pictures of an H144, cause this is as close as I got to the launch photo:


That's a fine 'launch' photo!:)

If I am really intent on getting a 'launch' photo I need to put my camera in 'burst' mode or all I will get is a smoke trail at the pad!:roll:
Oh, it was in the burst mode, but it's got a small buffer, so I thought it was gonna burn on the pad for a second or so, so I stopped taking pictures. Right then it promptly took off. Oh well. I guess I need another camera for these fast rockets...