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Sep 21, 2009
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Well guys, I'm going for it again, 3rd times the charm. I'm using a scratch PVC rocket. It weighs a little over 4 lbs dry. The I'm so pumped already.:DI plan on using a I212 SS, which is gonna be really cool. At first I was gonna use an H128, but the guys at TQC says I should go with the I212, because with an H128 it would only do 700ft. and the chute might not come out in time, so I'm going with Pro38. plus they are easier to assemble, from what I heard. the launch is May 1-2, I'll attempt the cert if the launch is at Walcott, if not I'll have to what till June 5-6. I don't know if I can wait longer.:D

Good luck to ya again bro.....Looks like I will be down there at the June launch to try mine.:D
cool, good luck to you too.:)
I won't be able to make it on June 5
Best of luck to both of you! Make a small checklist to make sure you didn't forget anything, then go have fun...you guys can do it!!! :)

Good luck, guys! I'm sure we'll all be reading successful launch reports (with pics, of course...:D ) before too long!

Guys I'll be at the Walcott launch in June also...

Gerbs if you would like a H180 to keep it a littlw lower than the I let me know I can hook ya up with one..

Will be nice to meet you both there... and do some flying
cool, another rocketeer to meet from the forum:)
the June launch is gonna rock, I believe the field behind the launch site will be beans this year, beans can eat rockets too.
firemanup>are you certified?