L1/2 cert same day same bird

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Jan 20, 2009
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Anyone here ever done a L1 and L2 cert flight on the same day with the same rocket? I'm going to attempt just that later this summer using a modified Minie Magg with a 38mm mount for L1 and 54mm mount for L2.

Anybody got any hints/suggestions for me?

one of our past club members did just that with a minnie magg
he simply added a weighted payload section for the L2 Flight
both flights were under 1600 ft

the only other details I can recall is he used 38mm
pro 38 hardware
2 grain H, and 5 grain J
and simple motor ejection for recovery
Are you going to try to cert at Plaster Blasters? There was a guy there last year who tried to do all 3 levels in one weekend. He got 1 and 2, but his L3 flight didn't go so well. His motor adapter let loose and the motor flew through his Polecat Aerospace 10.5" V2, doing a couple of loops before it landed WAY too close to him as he scrambled to get out of the way.... Kinda exciting to watch from a distance, but he must have needed a change of shorts afterwards...
Nice narrative, Edward!

I'll definitely be going the lower-and-slower route with my Minie-Magg (renamed the Madd Magg after getting the larger MMT). Also, I'm going for the simplest deployment I can: ejection charge. No electronics in this bird at all. Less things I can screw up, the better chance I'll have of getting it back in one piece!

Yea, I liked the challenge. I have flown electronics before, so I was comfortable. My prefect was stoked I did dual deploy on L1. But, KISS is also nice. Either way it's a great feeling :) Good Luck!

I tried level 1 & 2 in the same day but I had got a late start and ran out of time due to high winds in the afternoon. I did level 2 at the next launch. Same rocket: Extreme Performer. I195 & J350.