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Jan 20, 2009
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Hi all,
Well, we are at the L-72 hour mark! If you want to see a live web cast of the Direct TV launch go to www.sea-launch.com for the link. Right now, the lift off time will be 12:42:00 GMT (05:42:00 PDT) on May 4th.
My question is "does this count for Level 3 cert?" There will be no recovery, but the rocket will be in orbit.
The launch time will be around 5:42:00 am PDT/12:42:00 pm GMT. Right now we have the rocket on the launch pad and are finishing the final checks before launch.

"Are you actually writing this from either the launch or control platform?"

I am writing this from the Command ship, we are right on the equator due south of Hawaii. It's hot, it's muddy, and it's a long way from a good pizza.
"It's hot, it's muddy, and it's a long way from a good pizza."
Sorry, it should read muggy, not muddy.
There will be a archive of the launch, so you can watch it when you have the time.
4th of may? Crap, I'm gonna be in school doing an exam then :( .

Looks seriously cool. :cool:


Wooooo! 500 posts :D
Originally posted by JasonF
So what do you do for SeaLaunch?

I run the internal com systems we use at the launch site. I have in the past run the high speed photo camera systems we use for launches and the RF telem link used to talk to the rocket inflight. We only have a small group of people that can make it to each launch, so the more jobs I'm qualified to do the better the chances I have to go out on a mission.
Everything went great! The bird is alive and happy at its new home, right target! check the web site for some cool mission photos. I still wonder if this counts towards level 3:)

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