L-1 Cert pics!

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very nice... is that electrical tape on your rocket
Yes, Ryan, it is electrical tape, but no, I didn't tape it together...I did have to get past the RSO, my friend ;) But yes, it does look suspicious. All it was there for was to hold down the arming wires for the electronics (which just went along for the ride, and were pre-set for the next flight later that day which used electronics) and also I put it around the timer bay to make sure it didn't come off. But the bay door is black, so that can also be misleading. But no, the rocket is well constructed with lots of epoxy...no electrical tape! Heh. Thanx for the comments!
Congratulations on your L1 cert flight. That celebration picture made me laugh! Nice! Wow...you certed with a Redline motor. Talk about certing with style! Cool!