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Chuck Taylor

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Jan 17, 2009
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Mark created another great set of decals for my Extreme Wildman.
Thanks again Mark!!!!

Mark is a good guy and creats great decals...
Speaking of which, I need to order more King Kraken decals.
Mark`s product is great !! I`ve already ordered 10 or 12 sets of vinyle off of him since December and need more.

nice what size lettering do i need for a loc percision Expediter

If you send me an e-mail ( [email protected] ) I can make you a preview, to show you what your rocket should look like with decals applied! I can custom fit them to exactly what you want!

If you just want to order them off the website, I suggest about 15% smaller than the rocket. that will fill up the visible area without it looking too big.

so a 2.6" tube, use about 2" to 2 1/4" , 4" go 2.5 to 3" etc!

Remember if you contact me directly I can add to, change modify etc any lettering to make it exactly what you are thinking about!