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Jan 20, 2009
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My first launch with a Squirrel Works kit, and it was simply amazing! The Spirit of Texas commemorative kit flew perfectly. I didn't have any C's that were on the recommended motors list, so I used a B instead, and I'm glad I did. I hit the ignition button, and that thing SCOOTED! A good 400-500 feet for a B... I didn't dare put a C in it! It got quite a few admiring looks from the other flyers, too... Looks, speed, and a successful recovery to complete the hat trick! Well done!

I'm glad you liked the kit. It's always great to hear about a sucessful flight.

400-500 feet on a B motor seems a little low.
The predicted altitudes from Rocksim are:

475 feet on an A6-4
522 feet on an A8-5
983 feet on a B6-6
1517 feet on a C6-7

I haven't really tried to conform this in the field. I did lose sight of mine on a C though.

I'm in the process of putting together an online photo album of customer's kits. If you ever take some pics, I would love to include them. (This offer is open to anyone reading this)
It may very well have been that high... I lost sight of it when I looked down to disarm the launch controller and only caught sight of it again when the ejection fired and that silver mylar streamer started flashing at me like a homing beacon!