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Apr 21, 2011
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Not only does Binder Design have top notch rocket kits made only from premium componants but their customer support can't be beat.
I have both the 4" Iris and the Velociraptor. I am so pleased with both of these kits words cannot express.
I will definitely be buying more in the future.
Mike Fisher has always been there any time I had a question and has been of tremendous help.
I wanted to extend the payload bay of my Velociraptor so I call Mike Thursday evening and order a new body tube.
To my surprise the tube arrives this morning (less than a 2 day turnaround)
As an added bonus the 4" body tube was shipped in a 5" mailing tube:D
Thanks Mike!
You wont be sorry going with Binder Design for your next high power kit.
I've got my eyes on a Stealth 54mm and was wondering about the masonite centering rings. Apparently some people have had problems with them. Any comment? Thanks.
My Iris has the masonite rings.
An extra ring came with the kit (not mentioned in the instructions) so I doubled up on the forward ring.
My Velociraptor came with 1/4" ply rings.
I would suggest you call and talk to Mike if you are concerned about the CRs. I bet you can probably get one with plywood rings instead.
PS: I have had no problems with the Masonite but in my typical overbuild I do put a healthy layer of epoxy covering the top of the forward ring and bottom of the aft ring.
I have a BD Sentinel with the Masonite rings. I too have had absolutely no problem with them whatsoever. With that section of the rocket being so built up anyway, I can't imagine having a problem with the Masonite. The only thing I did was glaze the porous side w/ finishing epoxy.
I was reading some EMRR reviews of their kits last night and Mike Fisher posted just last month that they are now providing plywood CR's with 54mm kits, in addition to improved chutes. Their payload bay kit looks like a good deal too, since I'm new to that stuff.
I also used their payload bay for my altimeter on my L2 attempt. While the fins shredded on the rocket, the payload bay performed admirably.
I have a Stealth 38mm and I really love it. It has the masonite centering rings and bulkhead but I had no trouble with them in terms of strength.

Flies beautifully on an AT I285 Redline.:D

I highly reccommend Binder Design's kits. Mike Fisher is just great to deal with.:)