K'tesh binder design Velociraptor down size

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Jun 20, 2013
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So I have started the build. And have done a couple of mods already. The fins are built up. The front what I call claw fins on the plan say to just put a partial center core in them. Well I did a full core. I sandwiched the 1/32 ply core with 1/16th balsa and then started to sand. I removed all that did not look like a claw to me. Then I dipped them in sanding dealer and let dry over night and sanded with 320. Then I decided that they went so well I would do the same to the other eight fins. They turned out great also. Here is a scan of the small claws. I know the balsa grains are not right. But with the cores it won't matter. I put the penny in for scale.
claw fins penny scale.jpg
This is exciting. I'm watching.
Looks good so far!

I'm In! :pop:

On my 2nd attempt, I used 3/32" balsa for the larger fins instead of the 1/8" from the first attempt. Both got/will get the 3 layers of the 1/32" ply for the talon fin. If I had the resources though, I'd rather have the 3 layers laser cut, with some kind of key holes for alignment.

I didn't finish mine due to the dream of making it two stage. Now I wish I had made one a single stage. I guess that is what I will have to do with the 4th attempt (3rd being the full scale kit from Binder Design).

Here's a link to the downscale builds