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Feb 19, 2009
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Here are a few snap shots from earlier in the week that you might enjoy:


Incredible, thanks for sharing. Thats on my list of places to visit in the USA, definitly.
One of these days I gotta get down there for a tour!:rolleyes:

Makes me idly wonder where the 'Enterprise' is...Google is my friend, so is Wikipedia..LOL..

Found it here
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You can see the Enterprise (along with the Enola Gay and many others) on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center near Dulles Airport in Virginia.
The KSC visitor's center has really evolved over the years (as has the price). Until the 90s you could just walk in for free, now it costs a ton to get in. Still the place is really a wonderland. My two little girls really love it. My six year old loves to go and stand under the shuttle orbiter and say "Look at how big it is!" The first time we took her there, I was carrying her around and she got so excited she bit me on the shoulder.

Last spring we were there VIP for STS125 and she could care less about the real launch- she liked all the "stuff" in the Saturn V Center where they had us all.

Everyone should plan to take a week or two out of your busy life and go there for a shuttle launch before it is all over- you will never regret it.
Val and I have annual passes, which have already paid for themselves 3 times over, not just because of how many times we go, but on the price of store items and especially food.
Two of the reasons we keep going back, is me taking more and more detailed pictures for modeling purposes, and the Astronaut Encounter. That's where you get to listen to an astronaut speak, and maybe ask a question, and in the afternoon,get an autograph. Go during off peak season, and your odds of asking and chatting with the Astronaut of the Day, (as we call it) really improves! :)

The Astronaut Hall of Fame is a must see too. They have not only lots of personal history, but plenty of interactive (button pressng/doing things), exibits, along with games and rides, like a flight G-force sim; or as Val calls it- "The whirly nearly puke ride!" :D

I'm hoping, and trying for one of these days, when I call in advance, that they'll actually be running the Then And Now tour!! Then I'll really get some photos!:D

Us with Charlie Walker, Al Worden,.... Yeah Yeah, same photo area ;)