Krylon X Metal?

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Jul 31, 2003
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I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday and was looking at the paint and saw a Krylon paint called X Metal (I think). It's supposed to look like anodized metal. You have to use a special base coat primer on non metal surfaces. Has anyone ever tried this stuff? I wonder if you could use regular Krylon over the base coat for a two color paint job.

Wally world has it cheaper than HL in the automotive section here...

i used the red one... but i used the base coat under it... came out quite good...

The top color coat is transluscent, so i dont think the color would come out right if it wasnt over some kind of metallic base coat.

btw... the base coat is a true silver metal paint that has its own gloss finish that is impervious to fingerprints!!

I liked the way the cone looked.. i left it silver...

I'll try to get a pic up later... still putting this pc back together after the lightening...

Well then, that settles it. I'm going with the blue!
word to the wise... go as THIN as possible building up the color over the basecoat... you'll be MUCH happier with the results... the thicker it gets the darker and richer the color looks... going thin will ensure you get an even effect.


Originally posted by JeffS
Well then, that settles it. I'm going with the blue!
Would you put Krylon clear over this stuff, or just leave it alone? Also, can you spray regular krylon over the base coat?