Kits Using The Bt-58 and the ST-11 Body Tubes

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May 3, 2017
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If this question can't be answered, is there a data base available with this information?
Kits using BT-58:

K-36/1236/2001/2157 1:100 Saturn V
2048 1:100 Saturn IB
0892 1:100 Little Joe II
0809 Gauchito

KS- 9 1:100 Little Joe II
KS-10/5140 1:100 Saturn IB
KS-12/5142 1:100 Saturn V

KD- 3 1:10 Aerobee 150
KD- 5 1:10 Aerobee 300
KS- 8 1:3 Arcas

Kits using ST-11 or FSI RT-10:

Flight Systems:
MRK-III/1003 Nova
MRK-IV/1004 Voyager
MRK-V/1005 Oso
MRK-VI/1006 Sprint
MRK-VII/1007 Orbit
MRK-XII/1012 Viking IV
MRK-XIV/1014 1:8 Black Brant II (Motor tube only)
MRK-16F/1017 Eos (Motor tube only)
MRK-XVII/ Maverick (Motor tube only)
1020 Hercules (Motor tube only)
1023 1:8 Nike Tomahawk
1024 Viking V (Motor tube only)
1024 1:8 Wasp (Motor tube only)
1025 1:10 Javelin (Motor tube only)
1027 Excalibur II
1030 1:8 Nike Smoke (Motor tube only)
1031 1:6 Sandia Sandhawk (Motor tube only)
1032 Intrepid (Motor tube only)

KA-18 Hydra One
KA-29 Mini-Omega
KD- 1 1:10 WAC Corporal
KD- 4 1:10 Iris
KV-41 Oso

These are the kits that I am aware of that used the two tube sizes in question. Note that the BT-58 was originally created to use for Service Module in 1:100 scale Saturn IB/Saturn V kits. ST-11 (FSI HRT-10/RT-10) was originally used by Flight Systems, Inc. as a motor tube for their E60/F7/F100(F80) motors. IIRC, the only other kit manufacturer that used that size was Semroc in their 2000s incarnation. CMR (Competition Model Rockets) used a similar size for rocket that used the 27mm FSI motors.