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Kits Still For Sale

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Jan 25, 2009
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I still have the below for sale. All are unopened. If you purchase $40 or more worth of kits, I will pay for the shipping. (Only if the shipping is within the continental United States.) PM me if interested. Thanks.

Estes NASA X-15, #0889 — $32 plus shipping

Estes Alien Space Probe #2038 — $18.00 plus shipping

Custom Satellite Drone — $13.00 plus shipping

Madcow Rocketry 2.6" Honest John M31 — (large balsa nose cone version) — $80.00 plus shipping

ASP Corporal Kit (24mm version) — $16.00 plus shipping

Flis Kit Acme Spitfire — $18.00 plus shipping

HD Silver Hawk Boost Glider (balsa version) — $15.00 plus shipping
Any idea how much shipping would be for the HoJo?

I will pay the shipping if you are located in the continental U.S. In my last post I stated I would pay shipping if the order is over $40, and the Honest John is $80. Let me know if you want it. Thanks for the interest.