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Jun 30, 2010
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I've just orderd a Estes Dude , Quest AGM Harpoon , Quest SpinFin and a Semroc Mark II

Harpoon :
Is it easy to build ? What motor combo is the best? Max height?

SpinFin :
Anyone got pics of the fin tabs before they get put on , and before they are painted over on the rocket? Do the tabs need to be epoxyed and filleted , are they easy to apply?

Mark II :
Any pics :) ? Pic of the parts? Max height , easy to build?

And any does&donts , tips&hints ect about all the above?


I have reviewed the Spin Fin, it is located here:

As I remember, I just used either white or yellow glue for all of the construction, including the fins and spin tabs. Since this is a rocket that will only see A-C motors, epoxy would be over-kill. It is a good little flyer, and if you paint a contrasting fin you will be able to see it spin easier.

Good luck on you build.

Thanks for that ! Do the fin tabs have to go on at a precise angle to work? I always use Epoxy on any rocket , no matter how small lol! Ive only ever used White Glue ( PVA/Wood Glue) On my first ever kits that I built
Can you make fin fillets using White Glue?
No, the spin tabs do not have to be precise to work. they can all be slightly different, and it will work fine, remember this isn't rocket science here.:D

I only use epoxy when I need to. I do not like the fumes, or the mixing involved.

I have used white/yellow glue for all my fillets. I will also use Elmer's Fill-n-Finish to smoth them out as well.