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May 16, 2011
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I have a few kits I need to get rid of. Just taking up space.

Wildman 3" punisher, mostly built, used rocketpoxy and it's done right. Includes an aero pack retainer and a bunch of 1/4" Kevlar cord $140 shipped OBO

Madcow 2.6" fiberglass patriot, bag opened but just to look at the parts $65 shipped SOLD

Vaughn Brothers VB Extreme 54, bag opened but complete kit with everything it originally came with $70 shipped. SOLD

Rocketry warehouse fiberglass go devil 38, new only opened the box $60 shipped. SOLD

Text me for fastest response. PayPal works 559-269-0109

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I offered to post the pictures that MaxVelocity sent me.

Steve Shannon
Due to a delay in shipping and UPS over promising and under delivering ehe Punisher arrived after I left town for a two week trip. My neighbor was nice enough to bring the box inside. Now I'm home and have had a chance to inspect it. I had been slightly nervous about ordering a partially built kit, but my anxiety was completely misplaced. Maxvelocity did a beautiful job on the fins and fillets.
I'm eager to finish and fly it, possibly at LDRS. Thanks to Maxvelocity!