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Jul 18, 2012
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I know several of you are into kites. After receiving an order from a kite company, I saw in their catalog that there are types of kites I've never heard of before.
I saw small parafoil 5 kites that look cool and unbreakable, but certainly there is more to kiting than lofting one into the sky and watching it hang there, right?
What is a good beginner's kite that might do a couple of tricks? Where do you learn these tricks?
I'd recommend that to start you get yourself a Twin-Line Delta. The two lines will let you 'drive' the kite around rather than just letting it hang there. You start off just learning to control it and move it around accurately. Then you can move things up a level with dives and loops but wait untill you have the control and are confident you can pull out. Once you've mastered that theres a whole lot more you can do with snap stalls and flat spins etc.

As for where you learn, there are websites with detailed instruction plus some with animations which show you what to do with the handles. Find yourself somewhere where theres no people to hurt and take someone with you to help you relaunch the kite after you've crashed it.

As for breakability the limited number of kites I've flown have been rugged and the only damage I've had was a line that came off the handle when I was pulling out of a dive.

Sadly I don't get many opportunities to fly so I'm really just a beginner.
The kite company Gone With The Wind has an online forum that you might find useful. Also, check the newsgroup rec.kites as well. A couple of kites I've heard recommended for beginners are the Beetle & the Adrenaline. I've done a fair amount of business with Into The Wind, in the past, & highly recommend them.

A big stunt kite is a lot of fun on a windy day. Feel free to contact me, if you have any more questions.

I have two kites; one an El Nino, which is no longer made & a La Luna, which is a German made kite.

Keep us posted on what you decide on. :)
Take a look at flexifoil - for serious kites.
The smaller sizes are great for beginners, the bigger ones are serious bits of kit. I've been flying for about 5 years, with sizes up to 12sqM - more paraglider than kite!! Great sport - enjoy!!

I have a "Pocket Parafoil" that Rolls into it's own draw string bag with 100yds of line and a 20' rip-stop tail. It's a blast to take out at those launches the Nasty four letter W word comes up on, making flying rockets difficult or unlaunchable over 20mph. I can't remember the exact size but it is smaller that the Parafoil 5 offered by "into the wind", possible 12" x 15" or slightly smaller.

I have used it as a parasail recovery system for a super big bertha model.. ONLY ONCE!!.. Not the best idea! The system worked perfectly but MAN what a loooooong walk to recover.....
she nearly "sailed' into next week:D:D
My kite is a Scimitar Delta Stunt Kite, from Spirit of the Air in Wales. I've got a kite-mad mate, who recomended it to me, as a first 'real' kite. It cost a small fortune (about £45 :eek: ), but was worth every penny. You get what you pay for. One of the reasons for it being so dear was that fact its got carbon fibre struts - your going to crash alot as a beginner. ;)
Mike: - and you thought rocketry was expensive!! LOL
I can recomend flexifoil power kites they are great fun.I discovered them last year.Basically when its to windy to fly its great to go out and fly.