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Oct 26, 2011
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Looking for a kit suggestion. Requirements are:

38 mm
All parts needed to assemble and fly

(Have some time and I want to assemble a 38 mm bird to hopefully fly next weekend.)

I have zero electronics so dual deploy is going to have to wait a bit for my level 2 Cert)

I already have my level 1 and I'm looking for a frequent durable flyer.

I'm partial to LOC as I have one 29mm that's 13 years old and its been flying perfect from day one.

Thanks in advance!
Head over to Binder Design. You will not find a more complete kit. Open, build, fly. Includes everything: motor retention, rail buttons, recovery and decals. And you can grab a dual deploy kit later down the road. Everything but Nomex or wadding in the box.

The 3" Excel or Bat fits the bill..

Or an4" Jackhammer or Dragonfly.

Madcow has complete kits as well, just have to tack on the upgrade for a chute and protector. Everything but motor retention is in the box. And they sell that too. Check their 3 inch cardboard birds and some of the 4 inch cardboard ones.

Mikey D
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Apogee has good suggestions in their Level 1 rocket category (but shop for better prices '_' )

I recommend the 4" Patriot and Phoenix from Madcow.
Giant Leap Escape Velocity. Everything you need... hardware, motor mount, chutes, etc. Magna-frame, basically like blue tube... not quite indestructible, but pretty darn tough. You can fly it single deploy if you move the main chute into the booster section and screw the payload section to the coupler.