Kit bashing a Estes Heatseeker?

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Nov 18, 2014
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Denver, CO
It appears that the heatseeker & a Phoenix look decently the same. Are they really close?
Would it be easy to kitbash one into a Phoenix?

Pretty close in appearance - a similar paint scheme could give you a decent downscale version of a Phoenix from a Heatseaker. Estes E2X and RTF kits are fairly easy to repaint, you can even fill the body tube spirals if you want though a quick scuff up, a coat of primer then a top coat makes them mostly dissappear. Go for it!
Just one piece of advice - make your fin joints strong! I rarely fly my Heatseeker without popping a fin off.
Oh my gosh! I haven't herd the term Kitbashing used since my adolescent rocketeer days in high school! So the term is still used? Wow, I though it was a term specific to the early 1970's. Thanks!