Keychain Video Camera With LESS THAN ~20 Inch {~50 Centimeter} Minimum Focus?

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May 25, 2009
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Northeastern North Carolina, USA
I have been toying {NO pun intended} with the idea of putting a small keychain-type video camera into a rocket nose cone to record ejection & recovery deployment. I have a couple of "experimental projects" relating to ejection and recovery that I want to try, and I figure carrying a small vid cam that way would be the BEST WAY to record it.

APOGEE COMPONETS sells one of those cameras. I was all set to order one from them...UNTIL...I downloaded the camera's instructions {.pdf file} and discovered that the minimum in-focus distance from the camera lens in about 20 inches or about 50 centimeters.

Does anyone know of any small vid cams that do not have this limitation? Audio is optional, I mainly want to record video.

Thanks in advance....
Do not know offhand. However, I once used a "Gearcam" live video camera for which the focus could be adjusted. Thing is that if I wanted to focus it in for close-up, then the background got fuzzy. I optimized it for a sharp background and not sharp foreground.

So do you want the foreground sharp and background fuzzy? If so, then an adjustable focus camera would be OK.

If you want the foreground and background to both be sharp, that'll be more of an issue. And you might need for it to be Wide Angle. In which case, if it is wide angle, then you'd need for the camera to be even closer to the part of the rocket you want to be in focus, than you have now. Or otherwise the wide angle would make that part of the rocket look a lot farther away.

By contrast, the keychain cameras tend not to be wide focus.

Actually for documenting ejection, i'm not sure sure that less than 20" would be such a good idea, given the field of view of the keychain cameras I've used. Unless you WANT to have a wide field of view from using some other kind of camera.

BTW - Some of the types of small wide angle video camera would be the kind used on Model planes/Multicopters. Such as the Eachine TX-02 below.

However, that is a camera with transmitter, to save the video you'd need a recorder on the ground (there is a nice practical FPV goggle/receiver for $80 or so, that DOES record the video). They did also come out with a version of this that has an onboard micro SD card to record the video, though the first version got poor reviews for the video quality. That was nearly a yar ago, maybe they improved it.

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