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Ryan S.

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Mar 24, 2003
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A while ago I was on the TRF chat when midpwr guy apporoached me and told me he was making cases.

I recieved the cases in the mail promptly after talking to keith. A 38mm 10" case and a 29mm case, which was about 14" They looked very good, the nozzles were high quality graphite and both the nozzle and forward bulkhead were stepped for the liner to sit into. The Bulkheads were also tapped. I drilled out the nozzle a little, and fired a load in the 38 case. It worked very well, except the nozzle cracked. It was deemed to be faulty graphite, and Keith quickly sent me a new nozzle.

The 29 case is really impressive here, the motor was very quick burning and the rocket that launched really went. This is a serious case, that packs a real punch.

Mid also makes slimline retainer clones. If anyone needs some machining ddone....he's your man.
He made me a very nice set of motor retainers for 29mm is a beautifull polished cone retainer,,the other is like a slimline

I paid him and thanked him but have not heard back from him since...Mid where are you..??!!
I got some really nice 24mm retainers from him a while back. I'm putting one on my new Big Daddy. I may have to put one on Shrox's SHX-15B. The retainers are very nicely machined and polished.... They're only going on the "nice" rockets.

This guy got a website? Can somebody send pics? Sounds like he does some quality work.

No, I can give you his email. here is one picture its aq 29mm case. I have seen an I600 motor fly in it (that was a fast motor)
btw it didnt come scratched like that, it had a nice shined finish, but it has been in my range box and i scratched it :rolleyes:
Keith makes very nice motors and has EXCELENT service. I have 38mm 5 grain case that is a horse!

could i get his email also? These cases sound good, are they at a competitive price to Loki and Woody cases?

Scott McNeely
yes they are much less than those cases of comparable NS.