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Jan 18, 2009
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Will any of you KC people be attending the KCAR launch on the 15th? I will most likely be there, and if the wind's alright fly some MPR stuff.


I won't make it to the May launch. I do plan to try and get to one this year, maybe we can hook up.

Have a blast!!!


I'd like to come but KloudBusters is giving a rocketry demonstration at the Argonia airport for Argonia Days. The demonstration will be from 10:00am to 2:00pm with a 5000' waiver. I will get up there to launch with you someday.:)
Well, the next time I go to Argonia will probably be Airfest, a little too far to drive every month. You guys are lucky to have a huge field there.
Arrived at the field to find no wind. The peak was like 5 MPH. Perfect day for close MPR recoveries. I had a G64 and my G-Force, but started to have second thoughts until I was offered that if I would fly my G-Force on a G64 so would another club member. Why not. Loaded it up, stuck it on the pad, went back and waited for the other rockets to launch. By this time my heart is beating a mile a minute. They finally get to pad 6, and I'm really sweating it. After the countdown, it chuffed very mildly, roared to life and jumped off the pad. Apogee was estimated at 800-1000 feet, and the delay seemed a couple seconds long. No biggie. Landed maybe 15' from the neighboring house's porch.

Jetra, you asked me if i would fly it on a G64 so there ya go :p

I also flew my Mustang 3x on E30-7s. Those little suckers are loud for their size. Recovery was uneventful. Wow, those little E30s put it almost outta sight.


EDIT: There was another interesting flight, Dave had a SR71 RCRG. It "flew" on an E15-P. The igniter went, but it chuffed a few times then sounded like a real jet taking off, except it was still chuffing on the pad. Finally it went to maybe 50 feet, then the pilot crashed it.