KCAR-Last launch of '04

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Jan 18, 2009
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Well, I'll be leaving to go to the next KCAR launch here in a few hours. It's at Tickwood (HOO YEAH) near Drexel, MO. Should see a bit of HPR go up. I plan on flying my G-Force, Mean Machine if I have any D12s left, mebbe some MMX, and the BN-if I have any D12s. Maybe more if I can dig up motors. God, I wish I had those G40s.
Well, I attempted to get the most flights per person of the day, dunno if I did. Gotta love the quick prep time of MMX :D

I mainly used estes igniters for my micro birds (!). You just crush the pyrogen head with a pair of pliers, a lot less finicky than the QMX plastic things.

Flew the G-Force again, perfect flight, couldn't have walked more than 150 feet to recover it. Woulda flown it again if I had my G40s.

Tim flew a Sprint upscale (i believe) on an H220. BOYOBOYOBOY those motors are AWESOME! Sounds like a gunshot with a big frickin' blue flame behind it :D :D :D I want one of these for my Tethys.

Dave (L) attempted to fly a glider, loudest CATO I've seen from an Estes motor.

Tim flew his Interceptor G on a G64, WOW that went higher than I thought. Nice looking model too.

That's about all I can think of for now.