K&S aluminum tube in 1/2" .049 wall???

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Feb 3, 2009
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For my rail launch setup I'm cobbling together a stand-off that's built around some hobby store K&S aluminum tubing. The local hobby shop had some 3/8" OD .049" wall stuff that will work. I'd like to slide/fit this into another piece of tubing. I'm wondering if the K&S aluminum metal tubing comes in 1/2" OD .049" wall thickness. The hobby store guy didn't know, and before I start running around the city hitting different hobby stores I was wondering if anyone knew if it even existed?

The K&S web-site doesn't allude to it.


... Bill
The closest I can find is 1/2" with .035 wall which is slightly too big for a snug fit There is a 7/16" with .035 wall but that's too small for your 3/8" tube.
Thanks Zack,

Unfortunately, ...
- they only sell in minimum 6 foot lengths
- minimum $25 order
- do not handle export orders (I'm in Canada)

If however, someone has a some small lengths (i.e. under a foot), in the .375 & .500 OD. I'd be interested in paying for it and postal costs to send it USPS!!!

Thanks though.

... Bill
It is ironic that you can't find what you need in Canada--they make aluminum there--presumably next to the hydroelectric plants that generate the vast amount of electricity needed for aluminum production.