K-29 Saturn 1b body tubes

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Sep 11, 2002
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Hi Gang,

I would liek to assemble the tubes needed to clone the ESTES K-29 Saturn 1b. Are all of the tubes available?
Well, I have found some of them.

Totally tubular has most:

BT-51 is listed as T50+
BT-100 is discussed in another thread... TT should have it.

The BT-60 tank support tubes seem to be an issue. They are 1.681: in OD. This is .044 larger than a BT-60
. I guess i can handle that.

There used to be someone who sold the vacuform wraps.... does anyone have his contact info?


You can get the wraps from a member here in the forum paul graf

Do a Saturn 1B search.

I have two sets of his vacuform wraps. i think they are $15 a set.

Thanks Sandman, I just emailed him!!

Ever since the first time I set my eyes on an ESTES catalog, I knew I wanted a Sat 1b. Of course as a kid, skill level and a lack of funds prevented me from ever getting one. Now it is just lack of funds!! (They go for a dizzying dollar amount on EBAY!)

I know that I will not be buildiing this right now (I have a BIG little Joe II Kit to build first!!) but, I figure that I should assemble the parts and create a 'kit' for myself and box it it all up. I plan on using the Apogee plastic capsule as it is much more detailed than the old paper ESTES apollo capsule.
I should assemble the parts and create a 'kit' for myself and box it it all up.
:D :D :D :D

LOL! I did that a long time ago...but I made myself a few "extras".

I got all the tubes and a complete kit from Kosrox brfore he closed down.

His site is now gone but I have all the centering rings and his instructions on PDF...I'll send you a copy.

I have been studying and comparing the old K-29 plans with the Kosrox plans, and it appears to me that Kosroc's 'centering ring' method is the way to go. The old K-29 used the BT-63 as support tubes around which the 8 BT-51 tanks were clustered.

By following the Kosrox method, you eliminate the need for the BT-63, and gain a central 24mm motor mount.

Sandman, do you know what material amd thickness the centering rings in your Kosrox set are?
The Kosrox tubes are identical to the Estes tubes.

The brown tubes, the smaller ones (BT-51, BT-50) are .013" thick and the larger ones, (BT-70, BT101, BT-100) are .021" thick.

Thanks!! How about the centering rings... are they 1/6" lite plywood? Or do you just have the tube set?
I have one complete Kosrox kit and several "tube sets".

The centering rings are laser cut heavy cardstock.

My guess is they are about 50% heavier than the Estes centering rings...more or less.

3/32" light ply should work.

The paper shrouds are laser cut too, even the scalloped shroud.