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Jan 17, 2009
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In another thread, it was suggested that the Screamin' Mimi could be bashed into a JX-1. I never even thought of the Mimi while designing that kit, but it seemed obvious to some.

I believe Bill Gee was the first to suggest this to me and Bill is a man of action. I went to the DARS meeting today and I saw Bill showing off his new rocket to a small crowd. From across the room I thought it looked cool. Then when I got closer, Bill showed me some unattatched parts. 1 Screamin' Mimi kit + 1 Stormcaster nose cone + some extra tubes = a 167% upscale of the JX-1.

WAY KEWL! :D ;) :D

VERY cool!

Now ya know how Mr. Flis feels when he sees upscales of HIS kits! :)

I keep telling myself to buy something from you...but by time payday rolls around, I forget...:rolleyes:

Alas! Not this time! I shall order something from you this week! :D :D

I started to glue on the ramjet tubes and fin tips tonight and the job proved to be more difficult than I had expected. Getting things aligned correctly required quite a bit of adjustment and readjustment as the glue set. Seeing how large the main fins turned out to be, I had the mistaken idea it might be easier to attach those to the body tube first. For anyone else trying to build this model, I strongly suggest assembling the main fin, the ramjet tube and the fin tip on a flat surface with appropriately sized objects under the wooden parts to line things up correctly, then attaching the completed assembly onto the main body tube.

Another thing I would do differently is to glue the launch lug further aft than the 7" in the Screamin' Mimi instructions. I had forgotten that the BT-60 had been shortened by slightly over 2 inches. I decided not to mount it on the fin/body tube joint per the JX-1 instructions because it would be in the way of the large fin fillets this thing is going to need.

A note on the ramjets: T-.908 from Totally Tubular (aka Centuri ST-8) is exactly the right size for a 1.67 upscale. It just so happens that the whistles from the Mimi will fit into these tubes if the widest part is sanded down somewhat. One thing you have to decide is whether to mount the whistles in the front or back of the ramjet tubes. The properties of the whistles varied widely, but testing in front of an electric fan made me decide to put them in the front of the tubes (where they also help keep the CG from being pulled too far to the rear).