Just Rockets,Inc Divorce sale :-(

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just rockets

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Mar 3, 2005
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Hi Everyone, I knew this was coming just was not sure when. Well I got my certified letter today from the wifes atteroney and the asst. D.A. ordering me to start selling off any and all tangable inventory in order to satisfi the large dollar amount that the wife is getting. I would like to thank all you guys/gals that have helped make Just Rockets,Inc the sucsess that it has become over the last six years. This would have never happened with out great customers like your self. I just hate to see it end like this. Please give your self a great big pat on the back if you have ever ordered from us. After all the smoke clears (when ever that will be) I will still retain the Just Rockets,Inc the corperation that will still own BSD High Power Rocketry. If Don has not already, the Just Rockets website will be shut down for good. Items will be transfered to the BSD website that will complement the BSD line. We have had a few complaints about slow shipping right now which is not the norm for us. But because we are only allowed at our shop 2-3 days a week until our hearing in mid July it has really put a hurt on us production wise. So if you do place an order please be patient with us and if you choose not to, we fully understand. We have decided to start with our AMW line seeing that there seems to be a shortage of it right now. The following is a list of what we have. What we would like to see is a dealer pick up the whole load. So we will list it and give it seven days. After that I will edit the post with prices. So if you know an AMW dealer that is in need of stuff have him get a hold of us off the forum by PM or at [email protected]
Also, We have gotten a few PM'S regarding the sale of BSD. The Rocketry Zone has expressed the most interest but nothing firm. I really don't want to sell BSD but at this point I would look at all offers.


15 - K555 SK
20 - J230 SK
16 - I285 GG
4 - J365 SK
13 - K1000 SK
29 - I220 SK
1 - L1100 RR
4 - K1075 GG
8 - M2200 SK
6 - L1400 SK
5 - K475 WT
7 - K670 GG
2 - L700 BB
1 - K600 WT
2 - K470 ST
3 - K560 RR
1 - L777 WT
2 - L900 RR
2 - K975 WT
2 - L1300 BB
1 - K605 RR
7 - J370 GG
3 - K700 BB
1 - L1060 GG
1 - M1900 BB
1 - M3000 ST
6 - J375 WW
10 - J480 BB
1 - K800 BB
3 - M1730 SK
10 - I271 BB
1 - L1080 BB
2 - K650 RR
7 - J440 BB
7 - I315 SK
1 - J400 RR
15 - I195 WT
5 - I325 WT
1 - M1850 GG
1 - M1480 RR
1 - N2700 BB
1 - 75/7600 case
1 - 38/390 case

Well, That's it still have a pretty good stock on hand. Will make another list in a few days with prices. Again thank you for all of your support over the years. Scott :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
Trying this again, since I apparently did it wrong the last time...

Sorry to hear about your troubles. My friend is going through something similar, so I completely understand. Hopefully your customers will to.
Sorry to hear the New's I Hope everything works out for you.
Regards Gary T.
I'm really sorry to hear this. I really wanted to get some of your smaller kits when I had a bit more money. I'll hopefully be able to snatch a few in the end sale, which I would hate to see.:(

Good luck with whatever comes at you, I'm sure you'll get through fine.
Sorry to hear about the issues Scott. I've bought more from BSD than Just Rockets, but I've been eyeing some of the stuff for a while now. Good luck with everything.