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Apr 8, 2004
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Hey all.
I've recently been toying with the idea of trying to sell some of my rocket designs.
I don't really want to send the parts along with them for several reasons.
But my question is who would be willing to buy just the plans/instructions?
I mean w/o the parts theres the option of modifying the plans a bit and not losing $2 of parts that are now useless.
Please post any comments or anything that you have to say.

I said parts and plans because I can get right down to business. There aren't too many good hobby stores around either. I also like if I MOD a little to have extra parts for more modding. If it's a real simple design I wouldn't mind finding parts. Depends on the kit.
Originally posted by moocrew
But my question is who would be willing to buy just the plans/instructions?

If I saw a really good design I liked a lot and wanted to build, or wanted to see how a aprticular portion was done so I could learn from it, I'd be willing to pay a few bucks. But given the amount of such plans available for free, it'd have to be something really super.

It might be nice for the person wanting to go beyond straight kit building to be able to get plans with parts lists, a listing of vendors selling those parts, and a little more instruction than "glue this here, then glue that there". Something that teaches them the why and wherefore of things, like Semroc does. Their instructions are an education.
I've gone for plans because I might already have a lot of the parts needed, I have a big collection of tubes and nosecones. If I want to be up and flying straight away I probably wouldn't be looking just for a plan.
DynoSoar and GL-P both make good points and - Yes it would have to be a very good design to warrant PAYING for a plan. To make it better value how about a small book of plans?
Part of the fun of scratch building (for me anyway) is collecting all the parts together.
If you have a radical design that challenges the laws of aerodynamics (and RSOs) but which you have proven to fly well - then that would be a winner.
I understand both points.
I myself when i buy a roc like to get right to business...and on the other hand I also like seeing the "physics" of each roc before I build it to see if i can tweak anything.
The only reason I wouldn't sell parts in the package is that I really can't. I don't have the space or resouces...atleast right now.

I was going to make the plans/instructions rather "personnal" as Dynasoar stated.
They wouldn't be anything like your normal estes instructions.
Most would probably contain templates, suggestion, previous knowledge from personal launches...just about anything I could think of that would be helpful to any builder being a first timer to a skilled veteran builder, and the top price I can confirm right now wouldn't be anymore than $5 if even that much. I want to make it possbile for everyone to do something in rocketry and making it as cheep as possible is the first way to start.

Any other comments, questions, or concerns post it!
thanks for the feedback so far guys.


EDIT- NorthStar you posted as i was typing this so i didn't see your post untill afterwards...but your idea for a "small book of plans" is exactly what Im going for. And yes I would only sell the crazy designs....then again thats pretty much all i make...why else would i scratch build ALL of my rocs. :D
Sounds good .. go for it and I'll look forward to seeing the result