Just got computer back form repair shop.

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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I just got our computer back from the repair shop. It had some problems. If you have tried to e-mail me or order anything please let me know so I cna make sure I got them.

I will be working on name the rocket contest tonight and should have it up by tomoorow morning.

soryy for the inconvienvce.
Yes I got yours.

I think I will run name the rocket contest for 2 weeks and give away 2 asst to 2 winners. I am still having problems with e-mail.

Tom, I sent you an e-mail for your guest book on your site, with some favorable comments about the chutes I ordered recently.
Ok I have got everything back in order. Now have to go and get some parachute orders done. After I get home from work I will get right on the next name the rocket contest.