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Sep 11, 2002
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Sometimes, it is just nice to build a nice basic, non-cluster, regular scale clone.

I have had this one around for a few weeks, and finally got around to painting and decaling it.... Yes, just a lil' old Baby Bertha. Stock as they come.
Way cool!
What did you use to draw them, a computer, or the tried and true Kinko's method?

I'm starting to think I'm gonna have to make my own soon here...
Cool! :cool:

Have you flown her yet? I haven't been able to get a launch pic with anything more than a smoke trail. This is my first 'mini'-sized model - and I was not expecting that baby to take off like it did. Neat little rocket.

Nope, haven't flown her yet. I just finished the decals Sunday night. Did you try a launch pic with a 1/2A? That may help.

No - guess I just figured what I had was a good fit... (A10-3T) :)

I will try your suggestion. I do like launch pics!

Will these decals soon be offered as "in stock" by Excelsior? ;)

Although....... I have *waaaay* too much to build already to be buying more stuff.... :kill: