Just bought an orbital jigsaw...

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Dec 4, 2003
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I bought a 3.7 amp orbital jigsaw from Home Depot, and will use it for cutting my own centering rings, and eventually fins as well :D
I could have bought the $19.95 model, but chose to get a better model on sale for $29.95.

I had considered getting hole saws, but I would have had to by a hole saw size for each body tube diameter I would use, which would have come out to more than the cost of the power jigsaw (or at least more than the $19.95 model would have been...). Additionally, one person I talked to thought the teeth on the hole saws would be too rough for the 3/32" plywood I'm using, and would tear it to shreds.

So I bought the jigsaw instead, and used it to cut approximately 1/8" outside the marked template. I then glued it to the original Estes centering ring (thanks goes to Powerburner for this idea :)), and sanded the ring down to size. I cut the center out using my old old old 3/8" drill (one of the few items I've had for over 15 years that still works), and then sanded out the center to the required diameter using a round file (also had for ages).

The 3/32" inch diameter model airplane plywood sandwiched to the original Estes centering ring should make for a strong but very light ring, keeping my Executioner light enough for a BP E-9 motor :)