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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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I just had a thought, while looking through the May contenders..

What if someone is about add theirs to the list.. But as they scroll down, they see one or two that (in their opinion) is a definite winner, and is definitley better than their intended entry.. So, they then kinda second guess adding theirs, as it probably won't win, so what's the point..

So, wondering if keeping the entries hidden untill voting time might spurn more to enter.. As you then really don't know if yours is any better or worse than the others.... then everyoje is shown / surprosed at the same time..

(Sorry, too negative? pessemistic? Just standing up for the "no-confidence" crowd! :D And, yes, I will soon have an entry!! )
I went through the exact same set of questions while I hosted the FlisKits Design of the Month contest...

At first I would post entries as they were received. After a while the entries started to slow way down and I found out that this was the reason (people seeing such good designs they opted not to enter)

So then I started to hold the designs and not post them till the contest was over. This worked for a while but then the number of entries started to slow way down again and it was because people didn't see any entries and figured the whole contest idea was drying up...

Ya can't win for loosing some times... LOL
I actually enjoy looking at the entries. Rather than finding it discouraging, I find it inspiring. It helps me to decide which one of the many possibilities I have that I should enter. I mean, I have a LOT of ugly rockets.....
Ya know what? It sounds like a pretty cool idea! You know, like when your playing cards(spades to be specific-I am sure pretty much everyone knows the card game Spades- right?), but like in the Spades game when you call out that your going 'Blind' Bid..Meaning you bid BEFORE the cards are even dealt..Submit entries via PM(you CAN attach files in PM's, I will have to take a look)..Then the contest coordinator will post a running tally of the number of entries..I think it just may work! :D

If anyone has any objections, we just may try this for the June contest..Great idea Paul! ;)