July Best Rocket Runoff!

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July Best Rocket Runoff!

  • timorley's Scratch Built Saturn V

  • Claudemania with Katy's Decaffenator

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Jan 19, 2009
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Well, the regular polls are now closed! Here we have the 2 entries who received the most votes in their respective polls!

From poll #1 we have:

timorley and his Scratch Built Saturn V

And from poll #2 we have:

Claudemania with Katy's Decaffenator

Vote on your favorite rocket to see who gets this months grand prize, a Screemin Green Meenie from PemTech! :D

Voting period is for 5 days..So, please vote! ;)
Well, we have a winner! Congratulations to Claudemania! :D

Enjoy the Screemin Green Meenie! ;):clap:
This was a lot of fun for Katy and me. Thanks to Pantherjon for running the contests, to everyone who voted and to PemTech for a great prize. Although knowing Katy, this will most likely end being the Screemin Pink Meenie!
Congrats Katy :) You did a great job and it's good to see someone win something with a Decaffeinator! :)
Congratulations Katy!
Your well disturbed prize will go out tomorrow....
And we have no objections to you making it the Screemin' Pink Meenie.