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Jan 19, 2009
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This is the official location of The Rocketry Forum Best Rocket Competition. This is a monthly event to show off your "stuff" and find out who has THE BEST ROCKET OF THE MONTH! When entering, make sure you follow the criteria listed below and you will do fine. From the 21st(or there about) until the end of the month we'll be polling to see who should win the Best Rocket Competition.

Da Rulez

1. Header of picture must include, name, what kit or was it custom, LPR, MPR or HPR.
2. A BRIEF description of rocket details. Anything that would make it apparent to somebody that yours is THE BEST.
3. Only ONE entry per month.
4. No extended off topic conversations.
5. Rockets made at any period of time may be used.Preferably one that is STILL in your fleet at the time of the competition!
6. Rocket may be entered into the competition only ONE time!
7. If there is a monthly specified type of contest (such as red, white and blue themed), you can only enter rockets that are applicable.
8. Entries will be taken first 3 weeks of month and after the 21st of every month the contest closes.
9. The last week of the month will be polling on who should win in each class.
10. Winners get bragging rights for a month!


Seeing as how the month of July is the month of our country's birth and cause for much celebration throughout the lands, this months theme is Patriotic Rockets. Rockets that show a patriotic theme need not be painted red, white and blue. July is also the month that back some 40 years ago we ventured forth to the Moon. So, Patriotic and Apollo Moon rockets! :D

So, show us your awesome builds!

Remember detail, details, details! So don't be shy, include extra photos of the little bits that make YOUR model extra special!
If you entry is a kit, let us know who's kit it is!


Our awesome sponsor this month is Pemberton Technologies! And the prize up for grabs is the truly awesomely kewl Screemin Green Meenie! This is on kewl:cool: rocket, so get your entries in!
I'm entering my Estes Prime Number Explorer that I call the Military Service Explorer. Adorning the five fins are the service flags of the US Military: Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy. I wish I could think of the reasoning behind designing it with a 13mm mmt.






I'm entering my Estes Prime Number Explorer that I call the Military Service Explorer. Adorning the five fins are the service flags of the US Military: Coast Guard, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy. I wish I could think of the reasoning behind designing it with a 13mm mmt.

Maybe to commemorate the original 13 colonies?:2:Looks nice! :)
Fly those Colors Proud!

My entry is I call "Ameri-Thor"
It's a BSD NSL Thor38 with a American theme on the decals and American Eagle Parachute from RocketChutes.com.
can take up to H250G motor ( about a mile up :eek:) loves "E's" and "F's"

This was a fun rocket to do. A full size set of decals for a 4" thor was done for someone else, hey, maybe they will enter too!

Wish I had a launch picture, but NO, I will next weekend!:cool:


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I'm entering my Art Applewhite Cone Rocket 29mm. Hard to believe but this is the only Patriotic rocket in my fleet.;)

I call this rocket the Flying Circus Tent. To date I have flown it twice on G64-4W motors and this past 4th of July, it flew on a G71-4R. I wanted a red flame to go with the red, white and blue colors of this rocket.

The rocket hits about 400-500 feet on the G motors and separates into two sections, both held together by an elastic cord but on two of the flights it didn't separate. One of the times I obviously didn't add enough ejection BP and the second I either didn't add enough BP or maybe I did and it leaked out. But since the tip is reinforced with epoxy, it wasn't damaged.

Sorry, no flight pics, this thing especially on the G71 lifts off way too fast for that!!!:D

This kit is available from www.artapplewhite.com

This is the Stars N Stripes theme, just one of many different styles he has available.
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Our country?

Ok I guess the NZ flag is red white and blue as well...
My entry is I call "Ameri-Thor"
... A full size set of decals for a 4" thor was done for someone else, hey, maybe they will enter too!
I was going to enter my 4" American THOR, but will defer to Don.
He did come up with the design and provided the vinyl for mine... ;)

Read more about the rockets 'striped' past here-

Has a 70" Red-White-Blue paneled Spherachute for the main.

EDIT: launch pics from last weekend-

Don't let those influence your vote- Vote for Don Ball's THOR.
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Wow! Where did you get that really c o o l patriotic chute DLB-Wolf Star?

PemTech's Art Department
and Immoral Support
Ok, I will take a stab at this. Here are a couple of photos of my upscale Estes Yankee. The Sat V is included only for size reference. It definitely qualifies as patriotic theme. It has dual 29mm mounts, but has not flown yet. Let's just say that my record on AP clusters is dubious, and I really like this rocket. However, now that CTI has come out with 29's, it is just a matter of time. It is 3" diameter and about 42" tall.


yankee saturn.jpg
About time you got that entry in Harold.:D

Here's the deal. If you win, you can keep the kit but I'll just grab a few motors from you as a consolation prize!!!:D:D:D
When it comes to a rocket that symbolizes this month's theme to me it's the Saturn V. So, I'll submit my scratch built Saturn V. It's 24mm and the main body is a BT-80. I've included some photos as well as a link to the archive of the build thread for some details. It was a fun project that presented some challenges that I think I came up with good simple solutions too. And it's a great size for BP 24mm, really gets up there on a D-12. It's the best scratch built rocket I've done.



Here is my entry: a patriotic BT-55 downscaled version of the Der Big Red Max with a 24mm MMT. It is one of my favorites and most frequent fliers.

Figured I may as well enter! :D Can't pass up a chance to win a Screamin Green Meenie!:roll:

I present to you my Dr Zooch 'ant scale' Saturn V! It is a super nice flying rocket! I have flown it like 6 times, all on C's not wanting to be a 'hatch blowing' twit..lol..

What could be more American than red, white, blue and caffeine!! And so, I'm entering my daughter Katy's Decaffeinator on her behalf.

She received FlisKits Decaffeinator last Christmas and spent the winter building it (with my supervision) and decorated it with the patterns on the Decaffeinator web page. It came out great and she was real pleased with it (so was I!). The maiden launch was at CMASS's first launch of the year this past April (Figure 1) on a C11-3. It made it to about 50 feet but the parachute tangled and landed somewhat hard and split into 3 pieces. "Easily repairable with some hot glue and a little TLC". So said Jim Flis. He was right and we added some red and blue electrical tape for some additional support and color.

With all the rain we've had up our way this summer, the next opportunity Katy had to launch her Decaffeinator was at the July CMASS launch. The first launch was great on D12-3 (Figure 2) with a nice soft landing. The next flight was also with a D12-3 and a foam glider (Figure 3). Not only that, but Katy got to drag race with Mr. Flis himself (Figure 4, 5)! I've got to say that Katy's looks a little bit better than Jim's!! Though to be fair to Jim, his has a lot more flights and a few more repairs! It was a great flight and glide! And it's great rocket!!

So, happy 4th and another cup of Joe all around!





Last day for entries! Entries posted before midnight tonight edt will be eligible! Looks like we will be having another run off!:roll: 9 entries right now..
I'll enter my only red white and blue rocket, my Estes Seastrike D. An old D-D two stage rocket

Most of the rocket is an original Seastrike D, my dad built it when he was a kid. The sustainer tube has been replaced several times due to the top stage not igniting. If I remember correctly, this was also the first rocket that I ever saw launch.

I'll try again this month :confused2:

My entry is my LOC-IV that is dressed up in red white and blue. The stars were added along with a decal of the models name.

She has only flown once so far on a H-128 for a nice flight.


Here's my entry,My Dynastar Snarky. Nothing says good 'ole USA like the red, white, and blue US Air Force Target drone Snarky. With the Flying Tigers shark teeth and the US Air Force insignia, this is the rocket that brought me back to rocketeering after a 25+ year absence. She flies beautifully on an Areo-tech e15-4,has a top-flite parachute,kevlar chute protector ,stuff I never knew existed!!!!!!She always attracts a lot of attention.Hope you like it. John:eek:

bottom snark (612 x 816).jpg

side snark1 (612 x 816).jpg

topsnark1 (612 x 816).jpg

side snbark2 (612 x 816).jpg
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Okay! Entry deadline has slipped passed us and this months contest moves into the voting stage! :D We have 12 entries(I think my math is right:confused2:) so will have a run off between the top vote getter in each poll...Placement in a particular poll or order in placement of said poll is being done purely in the order of entry. Look for the polls in this forum shortly!
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