Judge rules in TRA/NAR vs BATFE case

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The thread has become a political ranting, which does not follow the guidelines of The Rocketry Forum. For this reason, it has been pulled. We ask that you keep things non-political here at TRF and thank you for your consideration in this manner.

TRF Staff
Pity....I got a great idea for a short story from it. Since there's no proof, there's no need for TRF credit. :D

Yea, we are just staying within our guidelines. As far as credit goes, unless it's a build or fly we would rather stay out of the political arena as it goes against our principles here and is not productive...so thanks but no thanks.

Well then, how will we ever decide for ourselves if a hanging chad, or dangling chad count?:D

......oh, chad means cheap and dirty?

My bad 8<(
You lost me there Chuck, and I though I heard most of it.

If you want to talk about those issues though, you know where the other sites are...have at it. :) It's build'in and flying and fun here, free from the complaints and politics...A breath of fresh air, which is why we are the Internets' Premier Rocketry Forum!