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Feb 22, 2003
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Having won 2nd place in EMRR's recent "On Display" photo contest, I chose a $20.00 gift certificate from Jon Rockets because he had both Fliskits and Saturn Press kits.

After initially contacting him about various Saturn Press kits, he told me he'd be getting more in very soon. So a week or so later he PMed me here at TRF to let me know he had them back in stock.

I decided to order a Saturn Press Astrobee 1500 kit and after finding out order's over $20.00 got free shipping (!), my total was only $6.00.

I contacted John late Thursday evening, and recieved an email reply Friday morning. He also emailed me to notify me as soon as I sent a confirmation email that the Money Order had been sent, he'd shipped the kit. I sent a confirmation email back to him Friday afternoon, and a 3rd email confirmed he had mailed it out that day, and sure enough, today I recieved a pristine Astrobee 1500 Saturn Press kit.

So, though this is my first dealing with John, I can heartily recommend him because:

Communication is outstanding, from pre-order through delivery, his packaging is solid and secure, and his prices are very competitive, especially with the free shipping on orders over $20.00.

Do yourself a favor and check out his company and products at:

Thanks John for the ultra fast delivery, and for your excellent Customer Service. 8)


Sirius Rocketry

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Jan 18, 2009
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John (not Jon) is an upstanding guy! Had a chance to meet him at NARCON when his booth was right beside ours, and had some good conversation with the guy. He is one of us vendors trying to do the best for the rocketry folk, and he has some great stuff and some great customer service! And a pleasure to be in a booth next to....


Planet Andy

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Aug 10, 2004
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John is great. On top of his emails, quick shipping in sturdy packaging, the free over $20 shipping is the clincher. He was also really helpful and personable when my wife called in my Birthday order.