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Jan 17, 2009
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For a while now, I had been planning on placing an order from I had done plenty of business with the previous owner but I had not yet placed an order from the new regime.

I wanted to order a specimen of each of the Odd'l rockets line and particularly wanted to try the Raise springs but I never got around to placing the order. The announcement of the new tube cutter from Odd'l got me off my backside and I ordered it, one each of the Odd'l rockets, a set of the Raise spring and the two newest offerings from Semroc.

Within an hour I received notification that the order was processed and shipped. The next day, I received word that there was a problem with one of the Semroc kits but that the rest of the order had shipped and that the Semroc kit would be shipped when it came in.

The box was waiting for me when I got home tonight and all was in good condition. Thanks to Jonrockets and I look forward to getting the other kit as well. Good job.

As for the merchandise, I have not had a chance to thoroughly examine it yet but it looks good for the rockets. I am looking forward to giving the tube cutter a try and it is my hope that the vast numbers of people out there in TRF land will be able to persuade Odd'l to add 3/16 and 1/4 inch support to their line of support springs. Its getting hard to find quality clothespins these days and all the one I buy seem to want to fall apart after one launch session.

Thanks for everything.
Hi John,
Thanks for trying out "one of each specimen" in the Odd'l Rockets line. You are my new best friend.

Some toughts on the CUTTER Tool:
1. Start your cutting practice with the larger diameter of the two tubes supplied.
2. While turning the tube, be sure it stays against the smaller "V" piece.
3. Keep the blade still while cutting.
After a few practice cuts, you'll find you can relax your grips and all will come out clean.

And on the Sputnik:
Don't force the dowel "fins" in their holes. Go easy and let them find their own way into the angle of the pre-drilled holes.

Regarding larger RAISE Springs:
Thanks for the input. 3/16" springs might one day make the light of day. (You don't want to know what I went through to get the 1/8" springs available.)

I am looking forward to your builds and experiences with the products!

Thanks for the patronage and the kind words.

Your order just happened to arrive right before we started processing orders for that day. We can't promise to fill every order within an hour. :)

But we generally package orders the afternoon or evening of the day they are received and send them out the next day (except Sunday when there is no mail pickup).

-- Roger