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Roger Smith
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Jan 18, 2009
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We've listed a few rockets on eBay each with a starting bid of .99 cents.

You can see the items at:

Shipping is by USPS mail ($4.80 per kit). We don't mention it in the listings, but we will combine shipping if you are the high bidder for more than one kit - $4.80 for the first kit plus $2.00 for each additional one.

We are listing these products on eBay to introduce new customers to our online store and reduce our inventory where we have too many of an item in stock. But, since these may represent real bargains, we wanted to let y'all know about them.

Check back every once in a while to see if we've added new items.

Also, please check out's "Rocketry Auction Browser" at:

It makes it easy to find rocketry-related items on eBay. I recently updated it with new categories, better results, and RSS feeds.

-- Roger (and Bracha)
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