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Aug 18, 2003
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Just wanted to let everyone know about my experience with
It's been a couple of weeks now, but after seeing Eugene's Semroc Skyhook in the A burner thread, I decided I should try out a Semroc kit. I figured at the same time I could try out since he carries Semroc. I was also in need of some more Fliskits.
Well I went to, and after looking through all the kits he had to offer, I placed my order. I decided on the Semroc Astrobee 350, Fliskits Rhino, Tres, and Stingray, and while I was at it an Edmonds glider, and some Rockethead Rockets mylar chutes.
The Edmonds kit I wanted wasn't in stock, but I placed my order anyway with a message asking when they would be available. Almost immediately I got a response of "should be here in a day or two". I asked John to hold my order until they came in.
The next day, I got an email saying they had arrived. I sent the rest of the money, and just 2 days later I got my package.

So, it was a great experience, and I will definately order from Jonrocket again. If you haven't yet, check them out, and give them a try.

I agree with slim_t. Good communication and fast shipping. Can't ask for much more than that.

I am in agreement with you both. is ON IT. Great service. Great products. Communication is definitely there.

I had a mixup on one of my orders. After one or two Email exchanges, the order was straightened out and I even got a bonus kit! WOW! :eek:

Also, you can't go wrong with the FREE shipping on orders over $20!!!
Oh yeah, I forgot about the free shipping.
Another great reason to order from Jonrocket.

John sold out of his initial 5 ARCIE IIs...I was #6...he offered to return my money. I just let it ride thinking it might be a while till he got more kits. Within a few days, an ARCIE II arrived at the introductory price. Thanks John...for excellent service as everyone else has stated!:) :)
Thanks for the thumbs up guys! I appreciate your business. It's difficult to track, but I would estimate that at least 20% of our sales are from TFR folks. Thank you.

John Arthur