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Jolly Logic Altimeter

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Dec 24, 2017
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Anyone have a used Jolly Logic 1 or 2 laying around they want to sell? Just getting into mid power and will be working to get my L1 soon and would like to pick up a altimeter to try out. Trying to stretch the rocket budget and pick up used before I buy a new one. Thanks!
I wouldn't sell my Jolly Logic 2 and I bet most active people wouldn't either. Your best bet is finding someone getting out of the hobby or moving up to something much more expensive like a telemetrum (sp?). Just my two cents. Good luck. And my advice is to avoid the Estes one; I have one and wouldn't even give it to you as it isn't worth the postage to send it to you. To be fair; others got theirs to work, but mine never worked, nor did a friend's.
One of the gracious members here offed me a Jolly Logic 2 at a very fair price so I am all set!