Jolly Logic Altimeter Three App update-flight repair function success!

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Jul 4, 2014
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Hi everyone,

Just though I should mention that the flight database repair function on the new Altimeter3 app works quite well. I had a flight from last June that landed in corn and took ~1.5 hours to recover, and the flight was corrupted and crashed the app (I was able to get apogee altitude though). With the new version installed, I fired up the repair function and waited a few minutes. The page still said "starting repairs," but after switching back to the flight I found a perfect graph:
Overall, between the new features and labels and callouts AND this flight repair function, the new A3 app is great. I definitely recommend it and if you were on the edge of buying an A3, stop reading TRF at once and go buy one!


PS: The flight was a LOC Mini Magg (fairly heavy build with 1/4" fins and 9oz nose weight) on a CTI I540-awesome flight combo and now I'm inclined to try this again, but with a Chute Release (and drogue) this time!