Joint Statement on BATF Litigation - December 22, 2004

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Jan 17, 2009
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Woodstock, IL
This posting will outline the results of the December 17, 2004 hearing in U. S. District Court in Washington, DC, before Judge Reggie Walton and next steps in our legal effort to remove unnecessary and illegal regulation of the sport rocketry hobby.

NAR and TRA won both pending motions before the court.

Winning these motions are important for us because we can now move forward on two key items.

Granting the first motion means we can now legally challenge the illegally promulgated "Questions and Answers Hobby Rocket Motors" document at the ATF Explosives website within the current litigation.

Granting the second motion for final judgment under Rule 54(b) means we can proceed with an appeal of Count 1 of the lawsuit. Count 1 argued that APCP does not function by explosion and is therefore not subject to BATFE regulation. A ruling from an appellate court on our appeal will determine a key point -- whether the ATF even has jurisdiction to regulate the hobby at all.

We intend to file an appeal immediately after the judge releases his written order granting our motion.

The next scheduled event will be another status hearing, January 28, 2005. BATFE has until that time to respond to our amended complaint. Upon reviewing that filing, counsel will have an opportunity to respond, most likely with a motion for summary judgment to attempt to get the court to set aside the "Questions and Answers" document.

Members may obtain a copy of Judge Walton's orders from our websites; we expect to have those documents available in the next few days.

We need your continued strong financial support for the legal work necessary around these two wins.

The appeal preparation and filing will cost a minimum of $25,000. We estimate the total costs of remaining legal work on both the litigation and appeal will take approximately $100,000 over the next two years.

Please donate today in whatever amount you possibly can. And thanks for your assistance to date.

Also, we again strongly recommend that members in the field report in detail any actions taking by ATF personnel in the field, particularly if they use the ATF's "Questions and Answers" as the basis for their action.

Forward to either of us the dates, times, names and offices involved, along with a complete description of your experience. Be factual and complete in your message. If we need additional information, we'll contact members individually.

Secondly, we again urge members to consider donating to the Legal Fund. Please make a donation to the Legal Defense Fund today, in whatever amount you possibly can contribute. Your support and generosity will be recognized and acknowledged, and you'll be able to say "I supported the fight for an unregulated sport rocket hobby." You can make donations securely online at:

As we have further developments, we'll continue to report them here and in our publications.

Mark Bundick, President
National Association of Rocketry

Ken Good, President
Tripoli Rocketry Association


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Jan 21, 2009
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Mr Prez, thanks for posting the news so soon.

my contribution is in the mail today.

come on TRFers!! sound off! send in a J or K motor's equivalent to the NAR legal fund!!!



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Sep 12, 2002
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Yes, we appreciate your timely update-- keep up the good fight, TRF faithful!!


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Jan 18, 2009
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Thanks for the update narprez . we will be haveing a launch to help raise $$$$ to help with your efforts